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Thank You, Ms Susan Lordi, for Your Artistry!


In the heart of Kansas City, MO, artist Ms Susan Lordi pours her creativity and passion into each hand-carved original at Willow Tree Boutique. Every Willow Tree piece holds a unique story, brought to life through Susan’s artistic craftsmanship. This blog celebrates the beauty and significance behind Willow Tree Boutique’s latest creation, the Keep Safe Box.

About Willow Tree Boutique:

At Willow Tree Boutique, they create really pretty things that make people happy. One of their special items is called the Keep Safe Box. It’s like a small box that you can use to keep important things safe and it looks really nice too!

The Keep Safe Box is made by a talented artist named Ms Susan Lordi. She carves the design of each box by hand and paints them with beautiful colours. The boxes are all different and unique, just like you! At Willow Tree Boutique the Keep Safe Boxes are handmade with lots of love, emotions, affection and care. Want to feel how special it is simply hold it in your hand and get mesmerized by its handmade get yourself indulged with Willow Tree’s hand-carved masterpiece.

Inside each Willow Tree product, there is a special note carved just for you. It’s like a secret message that makes you feel special and loved. Furthermore, go that extra mile and create your own message on a special card (inclusive inside the box). It’s that small note perhaps a way of expressing your emotional feeling you can place it inside the box while gifting to the one who you care about the most.

The Keep Safe Box is not only useful, but it’s also really pretty. By placing may be on a shelf or a desk you can add elegance to your home or office. A small decorative masterpiece would bring joy and happiness to your personal or professional space.

Taking care of the Keep Safe Box is easy. If you want your Willow Tree masterpiece to shine and keep looking new as if you bought it yesterday it is always advisable to use either a soft cloth or a soft brush for a gentle cleaning – avoid deep rubbing.

When it’s time to celebrate a special day, like a birthday or an anniversary, the Keep Safe Box is a perfect gift. It resembles your love and affection for the person whom you care about. Willow Tree has always been a reason for remembrance and a moment of cherish

In summary, Willow Tree Boutique’s Keep Safe Box is a special and pretty box made by a talented artist. It has a secret message inside and comes with a card for your own message. You can use it to keep important things safe or give it as a special gift. An ease of taking care and elegant looks give a pleasant vibe at and around the place in your room or at the work station or maybe at the workplace.

So, if you want something beautiful and meaningful, check out Willow Tree Boutique and discover the magic of the Keep Safe Box.

Emotional Gifting for Special Occasions

Valentine’s Day: Express Your Love

A moment of expressing your love and affection on – ‘Valentine’s Day’.

No other mode of communicating your emotions could be as clear as gifting from Willow Tree Boutique. The Keep Safe Box, with its elegant design and romantic value, is the ideal gift to show your friends and family the amount they mean to you.

Birthdays: Celebrate Life’s Milestones

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Birthdays are a time to celebrate life and the people we cherish. The Keep Safe Box from Willow Tree Boutique serves as a meaningful reminder of the special bond you share with the birthday celebrant. The sentiment written inside the box captures the essence of your relationship, making it a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Housewarming Ceremony: Warm Their New Home

When it comes to moving into a new home that feeling has always been an exciting chapter in anybody’s life. Give them an opportunity a reason for your loved ones to create a deep and appealing atmosphere with this Keep Safe Box. The box’s expression, combined with its elegant design, adds a touch of simplicity and style to any living space. Willow Tree a keep-safe box is not just a gift, it’s a sign of warm wishes for any occasion.

The Keep Safe Box from Willow Tree Boutique is a remarkable creation that embodies both beauty and functionality. Here are some key features that make this product truly special:

Key Features:

The sentiment is written inside the box: Each Keep Safe Box contains a heartfelt sentiment, conveying emotions that words alone cannot express.

Includes Enclosure Card: Along with the box, an enclosure card is included, allowing you to personalize your message and make the gift even more meaningful.

An expression of emotions: The design of the box itself speaks volumes. It expresses the essence of true love, deep friendship, or for that matter any other emotion that you wish to express.

Shelf Display: The Keep Safe Box is not only a storage solution but also a decorative piece that can be proudly displayed on a shelf or mantel.

Easy to clean: To maintain the box’s pristine condition, simply use a soft brush or cloth for gentle cleaning.

Recommended for gifting: The Keep Safe Box is an ideal gift for various occasions, making it a versatile and thoughtful choice for your loved ones.

Pros and Cons


– Hand-carved original design

– Sentimental value and emotional significance

– Versatile gifting option for multiple occasions

– Shelf display adds a decorative touch to any space


– Delicate nature requires careful handling

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Things YOU Should Know Before Buying

Brand: Willow Tree

Colour: Natural

Material: Polyresin

Closure Type: Flip Top

Pattern: Solid


Willow Tree Boutique’s Keep Safe Box combines simplicity, style, and emotional depth, making it a perfect choice for expressing your sentiments on special occasions.

Ms Susan Lordi’s artistic visionary pours attention to every detail that shines through out all her exquisite creations, that gives us a unique gifting experience that leaves an ever-lasting impression.


1. How can I personalize the sentiment inside the Keep Safe Box?

   – You can either choose from the range of enclosed cards or if you feel to give that personal or emotional touch then simply write a message in your own words.

2. Is the Keep Safe Box suitable for both men and women?

   – Yes, the Keep Safe Box is designed to be a versatile gift for people of all genders.

3. Can the Keep Safe Box be used for storing jewellery?

   – While the Keep Safe Box is primarily designed as a decorative piece, it can also be used to store small jewellery items.

4. Does the Keep Safe Box come in different sizes?

   – Currently, the Keep Safe Box is available in one standard size.

5. Can I purchase the Keep Safe Box online?

   – Yes, you can easily purchase the Keep Safe Box through Willow Tree Boutique’s official website.

Remember, Willow Tree Boutique is the epitome of fashion meeting simplicity and style. Make your loved ones feel truly special with the emotional gifting experience offered by the Keep Safe Box.

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