Benjamin Franklin’s New Home: $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug is now Talk of the Town!

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Modern Runner Rug!

Guess who's taken up residence on our floors? None other than our dear old friend Benjamin Frankling. Now, before you start wondering if I’ve had one too many cups of coffee today, let me clarify. I’m talking about the newest sensation in home fashion: the $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug. And trust me, it's making waves (or should I say 'bills'?) in interior design circles everywhere.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why would i might like money on my floor? Well, my buddy, it's not about the cash; it's about the design's chutzpah, charm, and flair. I mean, who could've thought our hallways and living rooms would be graced by the grandeur of Mr. Franklin in such a unique way?

The moment I rolled out my Modern Runner Rug with the iconic $100 design, it instantly became a conversation starter. Guests would walk in, do a double-take, and exclaim, "Is that what I think it is?" Cue the laughter and admiration.

And it's not just the fun-factor. This rug combines quality, coziness, and uniqueness. It's soft underfoot, ensuring that Benjamin doesn't just look good, but feels good too. Whether paired with modern minimalistic furniture or classic wooden pieces, this rug has a way of fitting right in while standing out.

To those who think home decor is all about serious aesthetics and sticking to age-old rules, this rug serves as a playful reminder: sometimes, it’s okay to break the mold (or the bank? 😉). It’s a testament to the idea that our homes should reflect our personalities, even if that means placing a big ol' $100 bill smack in the middle of the living room.

Introduction – Modern Runner Rug.

Have you ever entered a room and done a double-take because something attracted your attention?

Well, there’s a new player in town doing just that. Picture this: Benjamin Franklin’s face, not in your wallet, but right on your floor! Sounds quirky, doesn’t it? That’s because the latest buzz in home decor is all about a rug – but not just any rug. It’s the $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug! Curious about how and why Ben Franklin moved from your pocket to the living room floor? You won’t want to miss these 8 reasons! So stay tuned with us, we would be pleased to show you, HOW.

Here are the TOP 8 reasons why Mr. Benjamin Franklin’s New Home is now ‘Talk of the Town.’


So, you’ve probably heard all the buzz around our latest sensation – the $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug, also playfully known as Benjamin Franklin’s new pad. In order to know the specs let us dive deep into the article, shall we?

First things first:

The dimensions:

This isn’t just a tiny mat you place by the door. It’s a proper runner rug that stretches a good 22 inches in width and a whopping 53 inches in length (or for those who like seeing it twice, yes, it’s 22″ x 53″). Perfect to lay down in your hallway or perhaps alongside your bed. You know, just in case you’ve ever fancied the idea of waking up and setting your feet on a hundred bucks!

Not Too Thick, Not Too Thin!

Now, about the thickness – it’s set at a comfy 0.2 inches. That’s the sweet spot, really. Thick enough to feel plush and comfy under your feet, but not too bulky that it becomes a tripping hazard or an eyesore. It’s the Goldilocks of rug thickness if you ask me!

A Splash of Colors! – Modern Runner Rug

modern runner rug in colour

A Splash of Colors!

And let’s chat about its appearance for a moment. ” Remember Benjamin think “it’s a $100 bill, so green?” – think again! This rug has many fun colors. It’s like a modern twist on the classic $100 bill design, which makes it pop wherever it’s placed. Basically, it’s not just about looking like a cool $100 bill. The size and colors are just right to fit in different rooms. Cool, right?.

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up your corridor or just add a fun element to your room, remember Ben’s got you covered (literally)!


So, you’ve got the inside scoop on the $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug, and you’re intrigued. But wait! Before you picture Benjamin Franklin just hanging out in your hallway, let’s talk about something really cool about this rug: it’s got a short and neat pile. Cool, huh?

What’s the Big Deal about Low Pile?

Are you all as excited as I’m about this pile’ thing? Franklin’s insightful remarks, “An You’re all as excited about In the case of our beloved Ben-themed rug, it boasts a low pile thickness of just 0.2 inches. And trust me, it’s a good thing.

Perfect match for Busy Bees and Busy Spaces!

Here’s the scoop: a low pile rug like this one is tailor-made for those bustling areas in your home. Think hallways, the space by the front door, or even under your coffee table. Why? Because it’s less likely to wear out from heavy foot traffic. Plus, cleaning becomes a breeze. No more struggling with stubborn dirt trapped deep in the fibers!

No More “Oops” Moments with Your Furniture and Doors

Ever had that slightly embarrassing moment where your door got stuck on a bulky rug? Yep, we’ve all have been there. But with a thickness of only 0.2 inches, this rug ensures smooth sailing (or should I say, opening?). It snugly fits under doors, avoiding any obstructions. And if you’re a fan of keeping things neat under your furniture, this rug slides right in without creating awkward bumps or ridges.

Stylish and Sensible

In essence, while our $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug is high on style, it doesn’t compromise on practicality. Its low pile design lets you feel comfortable alongside turning heads, it serves a functional purpose, making life just little bit easier.

So, next time you’re looking to elevate your home’s style will it fit into my decor style?” when referring to a rug’s pile: In this case, the knowledge is about the perfect rug for your space! 😉

Happy decorating, and may your floors always be fab and functional!

#3. NONSLIP & STAIN RESISTANT – Modern Runner Rug

I hear the buzz! You are all as excited as myself about this, quirky, fun $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug. I mean, who wouldn’t want Benjamin Franklin giving that approving nod from the floor, right? But beyond its cool design, there’s another side to this rug that I’m absolutely stoked to share with you. Let’s deep dive into some of its stellar features, which make it not only stylish but super functional!

Born in Turkey, Raised in Quality

First up, let’s give a shoutout to its roots – this Modern Runner Rug hails from Turkey, a country with a rich legacy of producing some of the world’s finest rugs. And our Ben-inspired runner keeps up that tradition. Crafted with utmost precision and using high-quality Polyamide material, it promises durability and longevity. Think of it as a blend of history and modern craftsmanship – kind of like merging Benjamin’s wisdom with today’s innovation!

Wave Goodbye to Stains!

We’ve all been there – that heart-dropping moment when your favorite drink takes a tumble and heads straight for the rug. But here’s the kicker – this rug is stain-resistant! Its Polyamide material works like a charm against spills, ensuring that Benjamin’s face remains unblemished and ever-charming. A little wipe, and it’s as if nothing happened. Now, that’s what I call Modern Runner Rug magic!

Slip? Not on Ben’s Watch!

If you’ve ever done that unexpected (and totally unplanned) slide across the room because of a mischievous rug, you’ll appreciate this next feature. Our modern runner comes with a rubber backing designed to keep things steady. This means less slip, more grip. So, whether you’re doing the morning rush to the kitchen or having a dance party in the living room, this rug stays put!

Extra Padding for the Win:

While the rubber backing is fantastic for preventing those unscheduled skates across the room, if you’re looking to up the ante in terms of comfort and grip, here’s a tip: consider getting a separate rug pad. In addition to enhancing the cushiony feeling under the foot, this extra layer gives the rug even more grip, ensuring it stays precisely where you want it to.

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To wrap it up, the $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug isn’t just a pretty face (even if that face is Benjamin Franklin’s). It’s a well-thought-out combo of design, durability, and functionality. So, if you’re in the mood to treat your feet and floor with something special, you know what to go for!

Cheers to stylish and practical living! Stay fabulous and keep those home vibes strong!


Hold onto your home decor hats because this next feature of our amazing $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug is all about embracing the bold, the vibrant, and the undeniably cool. Yep, you’ve probably guessed it; we’re diving into its trendy style. Let’s unpack this!

Making it Rain with Color!

So, imagine this: a burst of rich greens, hints of elegant gray, dashes of gleaming gold, and touches of serene blue all coming together on one rug. It’s like hosting a color party right on your floor! Our Colorful Money Money Rug doesn’t just showcase Benjamin Franklin, but it does so in a palette that sings (or should I say, cha-chings?).

Beyond Just a Buck

Now, while the 100-dollar bill print is the star of the show, what truly elevates this Modern Runner Rug is its intricate blend of shades. It is intended to give the famous bill a new, contemporary touch while retaining its essential qualities for mid century modern runner rug.

It will thus draw attention and start conversations whether you’re relaxing with a cup of tea or hosting visitors.

Versatility is its Middle Name – length hallway runner rug

The beauty of it is that it blends in beautifully with a wide range of home décor styles because to its timeless design.

Whether you have a contemporary loft vibe, a classic traditional aura, or even a boho-chic nest, this rug slips right in, adding zest and zeal. It’s like that universal accessory that somehow fits every outfit!

A Decor Game-Changer

In essence, this isn’t just a rug. It’s a statement. An attitude. A bold declaration that you’re not afraid to blend tradition with trend. The Colorful Money Rug will not only improve the look of your floor but also the vitality of the entire area.

Who thought a piece of house décor could be this entertaining, to be completely honest?

So, fellow home enthusiasts, if you’re looking to sprinkle a dose of style, color, and a sprinkle of historic charm to your space, Benjamin Franklin’s waiting for you (and trust me, he’s never looked this trendy)!

Keep rocking your spaces and remember – in the world of home decor, dare to be bold and always have fun!


Are you a parent? A pet owner? Or perhaps both? If you are, then you know that with our little (or not-so-little) ones—whether they walk on two feet or four—comes the joy, laughter, unpredictable play, and yes, the occasional messes. Well, folks, our beloved Benjamin Franklin’s New Home: $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug has another trick up its sleeve, and this one is dedicated especially to families with kids and furry friends!

A Playful Paradise:

Let’s kick things off with a hearty acknowledgement of how spirited our kids and pets can be. Whether it’s a toddler’s playmate with a crayon (on the wrong canvas!) or a puppy’s mad dash with muddy paws, things can get lively. The exciting news is that our modern runner rug is made to withstand all of this commotion.

Because of its sturdy construction, it is ready for spontaneous fetch sessions or endless rounds of “The Floor is Lava.”

Life’s Little Messes? No Big Deal!

We all know that life with kids and pets is full of unexpected oops! moments. Spilled juice, dropped snacks, or a furball’s impromptu nap—this Modern Runner Rug has got your back. Its design isn’t only stylish but also practical, making it more resistant to those unpredictable ‘oopsies’. So next time there’s an accidental spill, instead of panicking, you’ll find yourself simply wiping it away and moving on. Easy peasy!

Safety First:

One of the shining attributes of this Modern Runner Rug is its safety. Especially designed for high foot traffic areas, it holds up to the hustle and bustle of a busy household. And while it’s standing up to wear and tear, it also ensures a safe surface for those tiny tot steps or senior pet strolls. No more worrying about slips or trips; it’s all about fun-filled moments on this rug.

A Rug that Rolls with the Punches:

In short, this isn’t just a rug—it’s a trusty home companion. It’s there through the birthdays, the play dates, the “I did it!” milestones, and every adorable pet antic. This stylish Modern Runner Rug adds color to your home. Plus, if you’ve got kids or pets, it’ll make your life a bit easier and stress-free. Nice, right?

So, to all the loving parents and pet enthusiasts out there, consider this Modern Runner Rug as your new home superhero. It is fashionable, strong, and always prepared for the upcoming family outing. After all, home is where the heart is—and sometimes where the mess is—and this rug embraces it all!

Here’s to joyful, carefree living with our little ones!


Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug:

The Easy Care Guide

When it comes to our living spaces, we all want those eye-catching pieces that not only elevate the décor but also make life a tad bit easier. I’m here to give you the inside story because of that. on one of the hottest runners making waves on Amazon – the Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug. And trust me, its design is as unique as its name suggests!

But wait, what makes this runner a stand-out? Well, beyond its trendy design, it’s the ease of maintenance that truly makes it a homeowner’s dream. Let’s dive into the deets!

1. Stress-Free Vacuuming: Keep It Gentle

One fantastic feature of this Modern Runner Rug is that your standard vacuum will work just fine! you don’t need any fancy cleaning rituals. Just remember, no brushes or rollers – we’re going for a gentle touch to keep Benjamin looking his best.

2. Spot Cleaning: Tackling those Oops! Moments

Let’s face it; life happens. Whether it’s a splash of wine during a movie night or a dollop of sauce escaping from your pizza, little spills are inevitable. But worry not! A bit of mild detergent or carpet cleaner, and you can dab away most minor stains. It’s as simple as treating a favorite shirt. Just remember: be gentle, don’t scrub, and Benjamin will keep shining.

3. Handling Creases: Give it Time and a Little Love

So you’ve unrolled your new runner rug, and there’s a crease. Totally normal! Most rugs need a bit of time to settle into their new homes. Typically, within 5-7 days of regular use, those creases and curls should work themselves out. If you’re a bit impatient (like yours truly), here’s a neat trick: reverse roll the corner with the crease and gently apply pressure. Think of it like giving the Modern Runner Rug a gentle massage.

4. Quick Tips to Expedite the Un-Creasing Process

If you’re eager to get that rug looking flawless ASAP, the “reverse roll” method is your go-to. Roll the rug, crease side out, leave it for a little while, and voila – you’ll notice the difference when you unroll it again. Pair this with a gentle foot press (or a playful dance – who’s judging?) and your Modern Runner Rug should be lying flat in no time!

There you have it, folks! The Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug isn’t just a statement piece but also a breeze to maintain. Combining style with functionality, it’s perfect for busy households and décor enthusiasts alike.

Happy decorating and even happier easy-cleaning!

In the meantime, may your homes always resonate with style and ease!

Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug: Where to Flaunt It in Your Home!

I’ve got a little secret to spill today. Remember that iconic face of Benjamin Franklin we admire on the $100 bill? Imagine having that charisma spread across a Modern Runner Rug, merging tradition with a touch of modern flair. Introducing the Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug that’s been stealing glances on Amazon lately.

But where does one place such an artful masterpiece in their home? Everywhere! Here’s the scoop on where and why this rug fits just right:

1. Living Room: A Grand Entrance

Imagine stepping into a living room that instantly commands attention. Laid out beneath a cozy sofa set or in front of your TV, this Modern Runner Rug doesn’t just ground the furniture; it tells a story, sparks conversation, and gives a nod to the iconic.

2. Dining Room: Dine with Benjamin

Glam up your dining space! With this rug underfoot, your dining moments transform into experiences. And with Benjamin looking up, you’ve just added a historical touch to your modern meals.

3. Office: Where Business Meets Style

Who said offices should be drab? Add the Benjamin runner rug, and you’ve instantly upped your office’s swag. Every time you glance down, you’re reminded of perseverance, innovation, and a touch of financial motivation.

4. Bedroom: Dreaming of Rich Designs

That spot right where your feet touch the ground in the morning? Perfect for this Modern Runner Rug. It’s a unique blend of inspiration and art that starts your day off right. Enjoy free shipping on Amazon.

5. Foyer/Entryway: Make an Entrance!

Let Benjamin greet your guests. This rug, which is placed in your foyer, establishes the distinctive style of your house and creates an outstanding first impression.

6. Kitchen: Cook Up Some Style

Who said kitchens are just for cooking? Drop in this Modern Runner Rug, and you’ve seasoned your space with style and historical essence.

Photo: Amazon

7. Nursery: A Modern Touch for the Little Ones

It’s playful yet sophisticated, making it perfect for the nursery. Let your little ones crawl or take their first steps on a rug that has layers of significance.

8. Children’s Playroom: Fun with a Teachable Moment

Kids love designs they can relate to. And while they play, it’s a great conversation starter about history, money, and more!

9. Finished Basement: Elevate Your Lower Level

Basements need love too! Adding the Benjamin Franklin Modern Runner Rug can instantly revamp and uplift a space often relegated for storage.

And there you have it! The Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug isn’t just a rug; it’s a versatile piece that effortlessly fits into every room narrative. Looking to spruce up your space? Well, Benjamin’s got you covered.

Until next time, keep that decor game strong and always aim for the! Happy decorating!


Ottomanson: The Trusted Name Behind the Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill Rug.

You know, sometimes the magic isn’t just in the design but in the story behind it. If you’ve been eyeing that uber-cool Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug on Amazon, you’re not just getting a piece of decor; you’re investing in a legacy. Let’s dive a little deeper into the brand behind this genius creation: Ottomanson.

1. Rooted in Tradition, Soaring in Modernity

Ottomanson isn’t a newcomer to the Modern Runner Rug game. They’ve been crafting gorgeous, quality rugs in Turkey for over two decades! That’s 20 years of innovation, trend-setting, and continuously upping their game. It’s almost like they’ve blended the timeless essence of Turkish rug-making with a zest of modernity – and voila! We get treasures like the Benjamin Franklin rug.

2. More Than Just Rugs: It’s a Vision

From its inception, Ottomanson wasn’t just about churning out rugs. The vision was grander: to adorn both indoor and outdoor spaces with pieces that sing to the soul. And guess what? They’ve been hitting that note perfectly for years. Whether it’s your cozy living room, breezy balcony, or that cute little corner nook, Ottomanson has a touch of charm for every spot.

3. Always Trendy, Always Timeless

It might be difficult to blend what’s trendy with what is classic in the always-changing world of home décor.

But, our pals at Ottomanson have cracked the code. They’ve got this uncanny ability to sense what homeowners and decor lovers will swoon over next. So, while the Benjamin Franklin rug might be stealing the spotlight today, you can bet they’re already brewing their next big hit.

4. The Customer is King (or Queen!)

Through the ebbs and flows of design trends, there’s one thing that’s remained unchanged for Ottomanson: their commitment to us, the customers. Every weave, every print, every choice they make centers around our needs and aspirations. So when you lay that Benjamin Franklin rug in your hallway, know that it was crafted with a whole lot of love and a sprinkle of your dreams.

In a nutshell, when you’re investing in the Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug, you’re not just getting a conversation starter.You’re picking a brand that’s been trusted for ages, known for its good stuff, and always aims to make spaces look awesome.

So the next time someone drops a compliment about your stylish Modern Runner Rug, you’ve got more than just a design story to tell. You’ve got the Ottomanson story.

For free shipping click here and check out at Amazon

Pros and Cons:

Let’s talk about a rug that’s really turning heads on Amazon lately—the Benjamin Franklin $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug.

 If you’re looking to make a bold statement (or just a fan of Benjamins), this rug is screaming your name.

Disclaimer: Yes, that’s an affiliate link. If you choose to buy through it, I’ll get a small payout that too at no extra cost to you.

Thanks for supporting the blog!

Customer Ratings On Amazon:

Customer Ratings By Feature




Value for money

Stain resistance


Q1: Wow, a $100 Bill on a rug? Is it as vivid and detailed as it sounds?

A: Absolutely! The Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug boasts a sharp, detailed print that’s sure to catch the eye. Its unique mix of modern style and a playful touch will spark attention in any setting!

Q2: Can I place this rug outdoors?

A: This rug is super high-quality but it’s best for inside the house. If you wanna try it on a covered porch or deck, just keep it away from too much sun and rain to keep it looking fresh.

Q3: How does it feel underfoot? Is it soft or more on the thin side?

A: wonderful question
This rug is perfect because it’s comfy and soft to step on, but also tough and lasts a long time

Q4: Is the rug’s material safe for kids and pets?

A: Absolutely. The rug is crafted with non-toxic materials, ensuring it’s safe for every member of your family, whether they have two feet or four! However, as with any rug, just keep an eye out for any potential chewing or scratching by our furry friends.

Q5: How do I clean this rug? Any special care instructions?

A: Cleaning is a breeze! For everyday dirt, a regular vacuum without brushes/rollers works wonders. For those pesky little spills, spot clean gently using mild detergent or carpet cleaner. And if you notice any creases, don’t fret—they should flatten out with regular use in about 5-7 days.

Q6: I love the design, but I’m curious about the size. What dimensions does it come in?

A: The Benjamin Franklin rug is designed to suit a variety of spaces. While you’d need to check the product listing for specific dimensions, it generally fits beautifully in hallways, beside beds, or even in living areas. Always double-check dimensions before buying to ensure it fits your space perfectly!

Q7: Does it come with any kind of warranty or guarantee?

A: As an affiliate, I don’t handle warranties directly. However, Ottomanson, the trusted brand behind this rug, is renowned for its customer service. I’d recommend checking out the product details on Amazon or reaching out to Ottomanson directly to inquire about warranties and guarantees.
You have it now!
Answers to your most pressing queries.


Wrapping It Up: The Final Word on Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug 🎉

If you’ve read this far, it’s likely that you’re as intrigued by Benjamin Franklin’s $100 Bill Design Modern Runner Rug as we are. And why wouldn’t you be? It’s not every day you stumble upon a rug that fuses iconic design with modern aesthetics, all while offering practicality.

From lively living rooms to cozy bedrooms, and even that narrow hallway that’s been screaming for a touch of pizzazz, this rug truly fits the bill (pun absolutely intended). Beyond its standout design, its quality is vouched for by Ottomanson—a brand that’s been in the Modern Runner Rug game for over two decades. Now, that’s something that speaks volumes!

Consequently, if you want to improve your living space, or simply want a quirky yet elegant piece that’ll get your guests talking, this Modern Runner Rug is the way to go. And the best part? You can effortlessly snag one for your home right on Amazon. Happy decorating and here’s to floors that make a statement!

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