Why the Abstract Mirror is Perfect for Small Spaces – 5 Reasons

Abstract Mirror
Well before we move on please allow me to share with you a lovely rhyming poem written by my 13-year-old daughter on the said topic.

The poem goes!

In a room that's small and snug, Where space is worth more than a hug, Listen up, for I've got news, Five reasons that you can't refuse!

Reason One, It's pretty clear that this mirror brings a special cheer. It dances, and twists, like a fun song, Making any room feel like it belongs.

Reason Two, It's more than glass, It's like a piece of art, with class. Hang it up, and you will see, It's abstract form sets your wall free.

For Reason Three, let's not forget, It's just the right size, no regret! Not too big, nor too small, Perfectly fits, like a puzzle ball.

Reason Four, It’s more than vain, It's like adding a window, without the pain. Reflects the light, brightens the day, In small spaces, that’s A-OK!

The Fifth Reason, just for you, Easy to hang, one or two. A nail, a hook, or maybe a tack, Hang it up, there's nothing you lack!

So there you go, reasons five, Why this mirror helps your small space thrive! Don't hesitate, to make the buy, This Abstract Mirror is worth a try!

For me, this lovely piece of rhyme is worth the post and above my blog post.


QDSSDECO a USA origin brand has been associated with Amazon.com with a little over 4 years and has ranked #373 under the Wall-Mounted Mirrors category.

QDSSDECO pays important attention to the detailing of designing the product finishing aspect especially by giving a protective layer on the edge of the mirror to give you the most intimate protection not to hurt your hands and to give you a unique beauty.

Who says you can’t make a small space look amazing? I’m here to share with you something that’s a game-changer for small rooms: the Abstract Mirror by QDSSDECO. This isn’t just any old mirror, it’s a super cool, artsy one that can really jazz up your space.

Having said that, let us now explore those 5 reasons that have made these walls mount abstract mirrors the choice of most of us!

5 Reasons – Abstract Mirror is Perfect for Small Spaces


Have you ever thought about what makes a mirror more than just a piece of glass? Well, let me tell you about the coolest feature of QDSSDECO’s Abstract Mirror: its super unique design!

Imagine you walk into a room, and instead of a boring old rectangle mirror, you see this Abstract Mirror that has all sorts of cool, wavy shapes. It’s like the mirror is dancing on the wall!

Image: Amazon

Now, what’s really magical about this mirror is that it’s a piece of art all by itself. You know how some people hang paintings or photos to make a room look better? This mirror does the same thing but in a really new and fun way!

And here’s the best part: it’s like a magician for your room. You know how magicians can make things look bigger or smaller? This Abstract Mirror does that, but for your room! Because of its unique shape, it reflects light and makes your room look brighter and feel bigger. It’s like adding an extra window without actually having to cut a hole in your wall!

Therefore, if you’re sick of doing the same thing over and again and want to add some magic to your space, this Abstract Mirror is the way to go!

Hope that makes it super clear why this mirror is such a game-changer!


Let’s discuss a topic that is quite crucial when it comes to mirrors. Nope, it’s not just about how you look in it, but what it’s made of!

QDSSDECO’s Abstract Mirror is made of really, really good stuff! First off, the Abstract Mirror glass is 4mm thick and doesn’t have any lead or copper. That’s a good thing because it means it’s super safe and also shows a clear, bright reflection.

Image: Amazon

Then, behind this mirror is a 9mm black density board. What’s that, you ask? Well, think of it as the mirror’s superhero cape. It’s strong and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the mirror falling apart or anything.

As for how big this mirror is, it measures about 19.6 inches wide and 33.5 inches tall. That’s big enough to make a statement but not so big that it takes up your whole wall.

So, what’s the big deal about all these numbers? Well, they mean that this mirror is not just super cool-looking but also really well-made. It’s like the star athlete who also gets straight A’s!

And that’s why QDSSDECO’s Abstract Mirror is a total win-win!

Hope this clears up why this mirror is so awesome!


You know how some things are just so awesome, you want to use them everywhere? Well, QDSSDECO’s Abstract Mirror is just like that!

This mirror isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s like a magical unicorn that fits in everywhere! 🦄 You can hang it in your living room right above your couch, and BOOM! Instant fanciness. Or place it in your bedroom, and suddenly, getting ready in the morning becomes 10 times more fun!

Image: Amazon

But wait, there’s more!  It’s perfect for bathrooms too. Imagine splashing water on your face in the morning and looking up to see this cool, artsy Abstract Mirror. Feels like you’re in a five-star hotel, right?

Do you have a coat room? Place it there, and your guests will probably spend more time looking at the mirror than hanging their coats.

Speaking of guests and fancy places, this mirror is so classy it can be hung in hotels, or even in salons where people go to look their best. Just imagine sitting in a salon chair, and you’ve got this beautiful Abstract Mirror in front of you. Haircut? More like a luxury experience!

Don’t forget, it’s also great for store owners. Put it on a gallery wall or in an entryway, and watch how it grabs everyone’s attention as they walk in.

So you see, this mirror is like your favourite pair of jeans; it goes with everything and fits in everywhere!

Hope that helps you see why this Abstract Mirror is the Swiss Army knife of home decor!


Okay, so you’re thinking about this super-cool Abstract Mirror from QDSSDECO, but you’re like, “Hmm, how hard is this thing to actually hang up?” Well, prepare for some exciting news!

You get everything you need to mount this mirror with it up, like a full set of special gadgets and gizmos. They’re not confusing; they’re super easy to use. Imagine creating a LEGO set, but without the pieces, it’s even simpler!

Image: Amazon

The back of the mirror has these sturdy hooks already attached. These aren’t flimsy, little hooks; they’re strong and really hold the mirror in place. So, you don’t have to worry about the mirror falling off and doing a belly flop on your floor.

And guess what? You can hang this Abstract Mirror any way you want! Want it to stretch long like a limo? Hang it horizontally! Or maybe you like it standing tall like a skyscraper? Then, go for the vertical position!

So, to sum it up: Hanging this Abstract Mirror is as easy as pie, and you can pick how you want it to look on your wall. Talk about a win-win, right?

So go ahead, turn your wall into a masterpiece with this easy-to-install Abstract Mirror!


So, you’ve been eyeing that stylish Abstract Mirror by QDSSDECO, right? But maybe you’re a little worried about what happens if it doesn’t arrive in one piece. Or maybe you have some questions and you’re not sure who to ask. Worry no more!

First off, this Abstract Mirror comes in a super-duper-safe package. Imagine it’s like the mirror is going on a trip, and it’s packed in the coziest, safest suitcase ever! This means it’s wrapped up really, really well so that it arrives at your doorstep just as shiny and perfect as you imagined.

And guess what? It’s even packed in a thick box that’s like a fortress to protect it from all the bumps and shakes it might experience on its journey to your home.

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And guess what? It’s even packed in a thick box that’s like a fortress to protect it from all the bumps and shakes it might experience on its journey to your home.

But hey, life happens. If you ever find that you’ve got questions about your mirror or something that doesn’t seem right, just give the QDSSDECO team a shout. They’re super friendly and ready to help you out with anything you need. It’s like having a friend who knows all about mirrors and is just a call or message away!

So, you get a fabulous Abstract Mirror, peace of mind, and great after-sales service. How awesome is that?

Till next time, happy decorating! – Abstract Mirror Designing.

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So, you’re super interested in this amazing Abstract Mirror by QDSSDECO and you wanna know the good stuff and the not-so-good stuff, right? No worries, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

So there you have it, folks! Now you know the good and the not-so-good about the Abstract Mirror by QDSSDECO. Whatever you decide, happy decorating and keep making your space as awesome as you are!


Q: What’s so special about the design of this mirror?

A: The design is super unique and artsy! It’s not just a regular rectangle or circle; it’s got its own funky shape that makes your room look cooler and different.

Q: Is it easy to hang up?

A: Oh, yeah! This mirror comes with all the hooks and things It must be hung on the wall.. You can even choose to hang it up and down or side-to-side!

Q: What’s it made of?

A: This mirror uses high-quality materials that are totally safe. No lead or copper here! And it reflects super clearly.

Q: Where can I put this mirror?

A: You can put it just about anywhere! It’s perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and even fancy places like hotels or stores.

Q: Is it heavy?

A: Nope, it’s pretty easy to handle. Just follow the instructions, and you’ll have it hanging in no time.

Q: What if there’s something wrong with my mirror when it arrives?

A: Don’t sweat it! QDSSDECO has got your back with awesome customer service. If anything’s wrong, just reach out to them, and they’ll sort it out.

Q: Is it expensive?

A: Well, quality sometimes comes with a price. So, check your piggy bank, but keep in mind this mirror is like a piece of art for your home.

Q: If I don’t like it, can I return it?

A: Absolutely! If you’re not happy with your mirror, you can return it in its original condition and get your money back or a replacement

Q: How do I clean it?

A: Just a soft cloth and some glass cleaner will do the trick. Remember to be gentle, so you don’t scratch the surface.

Q: Is it kid-friendly?

A: As long as it’s securely hung on the wall, it should be good to go. But, always best to keep an eye on little ones just in case.


Wow, we’ve talked a lot about the Abstract Mirror by QDSSDECO, haven’t we? From its super unique shape to how easy-peasy it is to hang up, this mirror is just full of cool stuff!

So, what’s the big takeaway? In any case, if you want to give your space extra special, this mirror could be your new best friend. It’s not just a mirror; it’s like a piece of art! 🎨 Plus, it’s made of top-notch materials that are super safe and super clear.

Got a small room? No problemo! This mirror can make it look bigger and brighter! And remember, if you have any issues or questions, QDSSDECO’s got your back with super-helpful customer service. 🦸‍♀️

Image: Amazon

If you want something that’s a little more than just a “mirror,” this Abstract Mirror might just be your perfect match. So, go ahead, add some ‘wow’ to your walls!

That’s all for now, amazing readers! Got more questions or thoughts? Just drop ’em in the comments. See ya next time!

Keep shining!

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